New beginnings, New aspirations and New achievements,

As one more year has gone down in the annals of history, we gear up for one more year of success, hope and happiness.

It is the time to move ahead with the spirit of rejuvenated optimism. Life is not only defined by success but also by how one faces failures. Positive thinking is the key to win the game of life. It is rightly said, ‘winner is not the one who has never mistaken but he is the one who has learnt from his mistakes.’

A progressive and positive mindset is a hallmark of a truly ‘Educated Mind.’ Now-a-days the opportunities don’t knock at your door. One has to explore and create opportunities. Thus, it is a purpose of education to create learning milieus which allow pupils to realize their worth and create something ‘new’ for themselves.

Let us all resolve to weed out negativity from our minds and embrace the power of positivity.

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

Yours Sincerely,